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Hi, its Amy here, Today I want you to solve
x + 4 = 8
x = 2
x = 4
x = 12
Good effort, but you divided 8 by 4. Remember you need to subtract 4 from both sides
x = 2
x = 4
x = 12
Nicely Done!
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Amy is an AI powered private maths tutor which integrates into your online learning management system. She will increase your market share by improving the user experience and learning outcomes of your students. Amy makes learning maths easy by giving your students feedback and automatically filling knowledge gaps in real time.
AI powered private maths tutoring

Dynamic Teaching

Amy uses dynamic teaching which understands why a student made a mistake and automatically teaches them the bits they don’t understand as they learn. A student working on calculus can make a mistake because of something they have forgotten in algebra or trigonometry, and Amy will automatically teach them this missing skill and check they understand it in context before they move on. This is better than adaptive learning which simply adjusts the number of times a student repeats a problem.

Individualised Learning

Amy understands each student and can deliver a completely individualised experience to them. This starts with the individualisation of the content they learn using dynamic teaching but shortly this will also include the way she speaks to the student and how the content is presented. So she will individualise both what, and how they learn.

Real Time Feedback

Amy gives students specific feedback every step of the way. This means that they don’t get stuck and then give up.

Intuitive analytics

Amy gives teachers detailed information on how their students are performing, individually and as a group. It tells you where they are and what they need to work on.


Amy has been designed so it is easy for her to teach different maths curricula. It is easy to select which topics should be taught and where it is presented.


Amy has been built so she can teach in many languages. It is easy for us to add new languages. We fully implemented Amy in English, and tested her in German and Bahasa Indonesia. If you want to teach in a different language just let us know.

Easy integration

Amy has been built so it is easy for her to integrate into your existing online teaching system. You can use your content, videos, UX, UI and gamification and use our APIs to let Amy work in the background to make your system smarter and more effective. You can also use and customise our template front-end, or iFrame Amy into your existing pages.

Extensive Coverage

Amy has comprehensive coverage of the areas which she teaches so that she can deal with all of the specific requirements of different curricula and teaching styles. Amy currently has over 300,000 unique questions for students to answer.

“Open Polytechnic is excited to be introducing Amy to New Zealand High Schools. It will revolutionise how maths is taught, providing personal tutoring to each student and analytics for the teacher to be more effective with their time. Amy with iQualify is a partnership that is the flagship leading the digital transformation in schools.”

We have received global recognition for our groundbreaking work and have been invited to present at many conferences. We have also been featured in numerous publications.

We’ve presented at

AI Summit Australia Ed Tech Asia Core Ed ULearn World Edu Conference AI Ed Tech
Amy in the News

Deccan Chronicle Sunday Star Times Khaleej Times Cisco Inc Arabia

We are already working with a number of educational institutions - both K-12 and universities - to help them deliver better outcomes for their students. Please email us so we can help you to make learning maths easy for your students and help you to gain more market share.

About us

We are a global team of passionate educators with a vision to democratise education globally and make learning maths easy for everyone. We have deep experience in technology, AI and Education and are combining these to bring Amy to life. If you would like to join our team please get in touch.

Raphael Nolden

Raphael Nolden

Founder and CEO

Dr. Jürgen Brandstetter

Dr. Jürgen Brandstetter

Founder and CTO

Dr. Ewan Orr

Dr. Ewan Orr

Head of AI

Henry Seed

Henry Seed

Algorithm Engineer

Amy Hung

Amy Hung

Software Engineer

ane Karina

Jane Karina

Testing Engineer

"Thanks for including my daughter. She is really buzzing about the app on the way home - you might have revived her enthusiasm for maths!" - Rachael Koelmeyer