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Hi, it's Amy here. Today I want you to solve
x + 4 = 8
x = 2
x = 4
x = 12
Good effort, but you divided 8 by 4. Remember you need to subtract 4 from both sides.
x = 2
x = 4
x = 12
Nicely done!
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AI powered private maths tutoring

Always online

Amy is there 24/7 to help you learn whenever and wherever you need her

Faster learning

Amy understands why you make mistakes so she only teaches you what you need to learn

Real time feedback

Amy gives you feedback as you solve problems so you learn as you go and never get stuck again

We are enabling the age of individualised education by creating the world's first scalable private tutor which is available 24/7 and integrates into the classroom.

For Students

For Teachers

For Parents

Hi, My name is Amy, your new maths tutor. I am online 24/7 so I can always help you even when you are studying late at night.

I will give you feedback as you solve problems so you never get stuck and can always finish your work. I actually understand why you make a mistake so I can teach you exactly what you need to learn and can save you time when you study.

How Amy is Different

Amy is different from other online maths systems because she is built from the ground up as a private tutor. Most systems are modelled on digital classrooms or electronic textbooks which misses most of the opportunity which true individualisation brings. Amy is the only system which understands students on a granular, skill based level so she can give specific feedback and teach exactly what they need to know.

As an example let’s look at Simon, he thinks he is struggling with calculus and keeps getting the answer wrong. Most systems will give him more calculus problems and he gets more frustrated and gives up, but Amy understands that he is making this mistake because he has forgotten something in algebra, so she teaches him this and then he can easily solve the calculus problem and move on. Amy does this before students even realise and she gives them feedback as they solve problems so they never get stuck or give up on maths.

Chris Elles
"Our two children have been using Amy daily for a week now.
They are really enjoying it. We really get the long term potential of Amy individualised for each and every child.
Check out the future."

Based on Proven Pedagogy

We have modelled Amy on a human private tutor and are combining this with the latest pedagogical research from around the world to make Amy as effective as possible. Amy will learn from her students and continue to refine how she teaches and individualises what and how she teaches to each student as she gets to know them.

Some of the key researchers we have drawn on during the creation of Amy include Carol Dweck, Jo Boaler, John Hattie, Dylan Wiliam and Derek Muller. You can read more about their contributions on our blog.

Rachael Koelmeyer
"Thanks for including my daughter. She is really buzzing about the app on the way home - you might have revived her enthusiasm for maths."